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Depening on your fitbit device you can-or-cannot access your data independently (without fitbit online service 'helping' out)…

older devices (non-bluetooth)

For older fitbit devices (non-bluetooth) – you have quite some chance to be able to collect your data from the device using the libfitbit https://bitbucket.org/benallard/libfitbit

The tool has been bundled by 'open you' a project led by Kyle Machulis aiming at being a central resource for news about open source development on health hardware http://www.openyou.org

newer devices (bluetooth connectivity eg. Fitbit One)

For newer fitbit devices (bluetooth connectivity) you're out of luck for the moment.. all data are encrypted on the fitbit device, and decryption is only possible at the fitbit website:

* is possible using the 'galileo' project by benallard to transfer the encrypted data to fitbit services online to decrypt & collect your data (or at least part of these, whatever fitbit considers fit for you to see…. (https://bitbucket.org/benallard/galileo )

* decrypting your data independently is not possible for the moment. There is some small initiatives online searching for encryption methods & keys, but without usable results for the moment (April 2015). (cfr. https://github.com/mrquincle/fitbit-fatbat )– this involves decoding fitbit's firmware & close inspection of the hardware, so not an easy task (for reference https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Fitbit+One+Teardown/19889), with no guarantee for success…

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